Stacey's one-on-one consultations are offered in person, or online. All protocols are personalized for each individual's maximum benefit, and include beneficial dietary, supplement, and lifestyle information.  Sessions are covered by insurance providers.


Initial Consultation (1 Hour) - $150

A personalized review of health history, physical and mental symptoms, and current diet to help you understand your body and reach your health goals. This session will help you get to the root of your health issues and empower you to make sustainable changes. You will receive customized diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations, as well as resources to educate and inspire your health journey.


Follow-Up Consultation (1 Hour) - $90

Additional sessions are beneficial for inidividuals with chronic illness, long-term health goals, or anyone needing additional support. We will review the changes made after your initial consultation and tweak them to support your health journey over the long run. 


Couples Consultation (1 Hour) - $200

Many couples cook and eat together so making a lifestyle change together can create a unique means of support. This session will provide custom dietary recommendations for each couple, along with individualized lifestyle and supplement recommendations.



custom Meal Plan - $100

As a chef and nutritionist, making healthy food delicious is something Stacey is passionate about. If you're ready to make a change, a healthy meal plan is a great place to start. Pantry lists, shopping lists, and fast, simple recipes are provided to set you up for success.