Photo: Paula Mendonça

Photo: Paula Mendonça

"Stacey was approachable, established good rapport, and was highly knowledgeable. Her good-natured, friendly, and easy-going personality was wonderful for my patients. I loved working with Stacey and speak highly of the experience with colleagues. My patients loved her extra care, nutritional advice, and support. Stacey was an asset to our circle of care."

Dr. Talia Marcheggiani, Bloor West Wellness Clinic

"Every time I put a few nuts and seeds on top of my cereal I think of Stacey. Every time I add some fresh herbs to my smoothie, I think of Stacey. Every time I make my food delicious and treat myself well, I think of Stacey and the advice she gave me about holistic nutrition. Her recipes are easy and yummy, and I’m grateful for the customized weekly meal plan that she made me, but what really lingers with me is the spirit of love and fun she helped bring back to my mealtimes. I can’t recommend Stacey highly enough; she knows her science, and she really gets to know her clients, too. Her expertise and her caring are a powerful combination."

Michelle MacAleese, Lifetree Media

"Stacey Tuttle gave such a motivating workshop at Moksha Yoga last week and it’s gotten me on a serious kick to focus on healthier eating habits at home. I’ve started sprouting again, mixing quinoa with brown rice, and my favorite, the 1-2-3 Rule (1 veggie in my breakfast, 2 veggies in my lunch, and 3 veggies in my dinner). Thanks Stacey for inspiring me to focus on how I’m nourishing my body!"

Rosalind MacPhail, Musician


"Stacey has an in-depth knowledge of nutrition, food preparation, and holistic treatment for specific health conditions. Her culinary skills are out of this world delicious! I would highly recommend Stacey as a personal nutritionist, co-worker, or presenter!"

Jared Kamisky, Shoresh Foundation


"I worked with holistic nutritionist Stacey Tuttle during the summer of 2016, when she presented three informative and fun seminars for our residents of the Toronto Performing Arts Lodge (a charity mandated to provide affordable housing and support services to aging, disabled, and needy members of the performing arts community). The residents found Stacey to be quite knowledgeable on nutrition, and she was very helpful in their questions on certain benefits of the foods she introduced. At all times I have found Stacey to be personable, honest, and courteous. Her knowledge and enthusiasm was very well noted by all."

Rosanne Figueira, Performing Arts Lodges of Ontario